In case you missed it, Charles Stanley had a blistering message on July 4th Sunday. He was quite vocal about the direction our country is headed. He’s correct, Believers! We have fallen down on our job as Christians and it seems like we’ve lost quite a bit of our saltiness. He has called the Christians of America to 140 days of prayer, for our nation and for our leaders is one of our jobs. You can download the PDF file which has each week’s focus at the link I’ve provided.

Our nation is 234 years old, barely knee-high to the Roman Empire which lasted more than 10 centuries. However, what took the Romans 700 years to reach, we’ve accomplished in less than 300 years. There are lots of reasons Rome fell. It isn’t all boiled into one sticky reason. The economy of Rome compared to what is happening in the U.S. is startling.
Breaking down the economic reasons are:
  • Continual state of war (the high costs of life as well as money)
  • The cost of free wine and food for the citizens
  • Cheap housing
  • Decreasing value of coins (adding other metals to gold the same as printing more money without the capital to back it up.)
  • Hoarding of gold by the emperors
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