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A Michigan man’s life was saved after he received a kidney from a stranger through Facebook.

Jeff Kurze experienced kidney failure and was on dialysis for two weeks.

He was told it would be a three to five year wait on a new kidney.

Roxy Kurze, his wife, felt hopeless and turned to Facebook.

“I decided to just post, ‘I wish a kidney would fall out from the sky, and if anyone knows a live donor who’s a type O, please let me know,”‘ Roxy said.

That same day, a complete stranger named Ricky Cisco, 25, responded to Roxy’s post.

“I knew I was a type O from some tests I had in my youth, and that was what even got me to even think that I could be somebody who could do it,” Cisco said.

Ricky and Jeff were a perfect match, and they underwent the transplant operation on Mar. 30.

“If I had another kidney, I’d do it again,” Cisco said. “It was great.”

Doctors said there are more than 100,000 people in the United States in need of a kidney transplant.

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