About Mo Quick

Mo Quick made a name for herself in her native city of Atlanta, Ga. hosting the #1 Morning Show in the city for 3 years. She began her career in Media at age 17. She was heavily influenced by her late Uncle Nate Quick; who was also a Media Personality. Using her Uncles advice, she began her career humbly as an intern to many popular stations and personalities in Atlanta; such as, Sasha the Diva, Lil Bankhead, Dj Bill Black, and many other greats. Mo Quick was blessed with her first paid position working for Radio One in Cleveland, Ohio, and later returned to her home in Atlanta, Ga. to further her career. As a student of the game who came up with the help of others, Mo Quick takes every chance she gets to mentor and teach aspiring Media Personalities. Every few months Mo Quick has a "Quick Media" event. Quick Media is a networking and learning series panel where professionals in the industry share their knowledge and network with the aspiring. In addition to continuously releasing trendy and topical content; Mo Quick understands the importance of the serving the community, and often volunteers her time to organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Hashtag Lunch Bag, The Period Movement, and countless others. The next step for Mo Quick is landing her own Television Talk Show on a major network

GRIFF mentioned that he couldn't breathe out his nostrils and was constantly feeling stuffed.

He laughed because his spirit just won't let him listen to this kind of music anymore.

She mentioned though that sometimes we wait for his promises, but aren't doing the work to get closer to them.

GRIFF knows he's not perfect and has come a long way.

Sometimes in life we let our emotions dictate what we do.

She mentioned that sometimes when you go to some churches they tend to be a bit spooky.

Spring is almost here and GRIFF is struggling with his allergies.

She mentioned that she's always in competition with herself and thinking about her last projects and how she can always do better.

He mentioned that the fast truly helped him out.

Krista began to cry and wanted to quit, but Erica encouraged her to keep working out with her.

Jonathan McReynolds sits down for a trip down memory lane in the "When I Was Younger..." video series.

GRIFF came into to work to share how he passed several tests from God.