According to NBC4i, a bill that would acknowledge the personhood of an embryo has made its way to the Ohio Statehouse. Introduced Monday by Rep. Gary Click (R-Vickery) , House Bill 704 would recognize the personhood and constitutional rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – “of all unborn human individuals” at the […]

An Ohio anti-abortion stronghold took an unexpected turn in announcing its support for a Democratic bill it said will hold “deadbeat dads accountable.”

The Ohio Department of Health on Thursday reported 18,838 new COVID-19 cases for the past week, marking the second week of a consistent rise in new cases for the first time since May.

Divorce is on the rise in Ohio for the first time since 2012, ending a steady ten-year downfall in the number of couples terminating their marriage, according to data from the Domestic Relations Division of Ohio’s Courts of Common Pleas.

Ohioans who get someone pregnant unintentionally may have to reach deep into their pockets – and stand before a judge – if new legislation succeeds.

Ohio utility companies including Columbia Gas, AES Ohio, Duke Energy, and Aqua Ohio have collectively asked state regulators for permission to raise home gas, electric, and water costs for customers.

9-8-8 will soon become Ohio’s go-to number for mental health crises, all while attempting to divert care from cops to counselors.

the deadline to register to vote for Ohio’s Aug. 2 primary is today, July 5.

A ten-year-old girl from Ohio was forced to leave the state to receive an abortion after Roe V Wade was overturned resulting in the Heart Beat Bill being triggered in the state.

Sunday afternoon, city officials finally released more details about the officer-involved shooting that took place nearly a week ago in Akron.

Ohio comedian Dave Chappelle has reportedly purchased more property in his hometown of Yellow Springs from a group that sought to build a housing development on the land.

Columbus Public Health is investigating a local case of monkeypox, an infected 48-year-old man who resides in CPH’s jurisdiction.