Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, MS.

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1. Oprah conducted the show’s first interview with a sitting president and 1st lady

2. In 2009, Whitney Houston talked with Oprah about her struggles with drugs.

3. In Jay-Z’s 2009 appearance on the show, they debated the use of the n-word.

4. In the most watched interview in TV history, in 1993, with Michael Jackson.

5. Dave Chappelle talked about why he walked away from 50M.

6. Magic Johnson was a guest on Oprah 15 years after being diagnosed with HIV.

7. Will Smith graced The Oprah Winfrey Show 15 times before her final season.

8. “Mentor-mother-sister-friend,” Maya Angelou came on the show.

9. Oprah considers Nelson Mandela’s visit to be a great honor.

10. Tiger Woods coined the term ‘Cablinasian’ to describe his mixed heritage.

11. Terry McMillan and her ex Jonathan Plummer discussed the end of their marriage.

12. Tina Turner came of the show numerous times. Another of Oprah’s favs.

13. In 1996 Oprah spoke with the Little Rock Nine about Central High in Arkansas.

14. Halle Berry was a guest on Oprah over 20 times.

15. Denzel Washington is one of Oprah’s favorite guests.

16. Tyler Perry revealed the abuse and molestation he suffered as a child.

17. Patti LaBelle was on the Oprah show over 20 times since her first visit in 1991.

18. Mike Tyson was a guest on the show and talked about the death of his daughter.

19. Michael Jordan talked to Oprah about finally retiring from NBA.

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