via cleveland19: With the dog days of summer approaching, many people are planning vacations, but sometimes not everyone in the family can tag along. Often times, pups end up at a boarding facility, like Bartels and Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa in Parma. Practice Manager Matthew Busack knows the experience can be tough for some pets. That’s why […]

via NationalDayCalendar: National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is observed annually on November 7. It is a day to educate and create awareness about canine lymphoma. Well-known and respected dog agility trainer and competitor, Terry Simons, was devastated when his “heart and soul” dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2011.  An educated dog owner, Terry did […]

People who abuse animals may now face charges under a new Ohio law. According to NBC4I, House Bill 60 will now make it a fifth degree felony to cause “serious physical harm” to “companion animals.” Those include dogs, cats, or any other type of animal living indoors. Abuse include inflicting long-term pain or depriving animals […]

Everyone should know who this douche is. #WalterPalmer — Dom zamprogna (@dom_zamprogna) July 28, 2015 Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer became “the most hated man”…

Kody and Cooper, North American grizzly bears at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, were out playing Thursday, oblivious to the subzero wind chills. The cold is certainly not a big story to the grizzlies, but in these bitter cold temps, the zoo makes accommodations, even for these winter lovers. “We go to great extents to make sure […]

A new law is on the books that is designed to protect animals from being left outdoors without shelter in these extreme weather conditions. With wind chills in approaching -20 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t take very long for an animal to freeze to death. The new law requires owners to better protect animals, and allows […]

    Early Wednesday evening, it was a little over 20 degrees outside with snow starting to fall heavily on cars parked at the Cleveland Animal Protection League parking lot. When it’s like this outside, it’s one of the Cleveland APL’s busiest times of the year said Cleveland APL CEO Sharon Harvey. “We’ve been out […]

A day after declining to say whether he owned a dog, Michael Vick released a statement Thursday confirming that his family had obtained one. “I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” the Eagles quarterback said in a statement released by his publicist. “As a father, […]

CLEVELAND – Construction crews at the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium are busy installing the shark tank and the acrylic walls that will allow visitors to walk through the 500,000 gallon tank surrounded by 15 sharks. Marinescape, based in New Zealand, is beginning the third and final phase of construction that will end in the Jan. […]

The wife of the owner of the Zanesville exotic animals wants the surviving ones back, Good Morning America reported Friday. Hours after three leopards, two macaque monkeys, and a grizzly bear were transported to the Columbus Zoo, Marion Thompson showed up. Zoo officials said she wanted to see the animals and make sure they were […]

Schools closed and motorists were warned to stay in their vehicles as officers with assault rifles patrolled a rural area in eastern Ohio Wednesday, a day after police killed dozens of escaped animals from a wild-animal preserve, where the owner was found dead. As authorities warned that more animals still were on the loose, three […]

In light of recent headline news, of a girl throwing baby puppies into a river and animal cruelty cases such as Michael Vick, there is something you can do to fight animal cruelty. FOX 8is fighting for the cause and they need our help. It is only a click away. Watch here…