Early Wednesday evening, it was a little over 20 degrees outside with snow starting to fall heavily on cars parked at the Cleveland Animal Protection League parking lot.

When it’s like this outside, it’s one of the Cleveland APL’s busiest times of the year said Cleveland APL CEO Sharon Harvey.

“We’ve been out just responding to calls and trying to help animals out. We took in a cat this morning who had been up on a roof for about a week and in these temperatures, it’s pretty rough,” Harvey told NewsChannel5.

While the cat survived, Harvey said not all animals have the same fate, especially in this cold — and they don’t have to be strays either to be susceptible to injury or even death in temperatures like this.

“As the snow comes down and the temperatures drop, we need to make sure we get our animals inside,” said Harvey.

The most important thing is also keeping your furry friends safe when they are outside.

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