Artis Hughes

The RTA passenger punched by a bus driver was sentenced to a short prison sentence on Tuesday morning. Shidea Lane was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail, but 27 were suspended. Lane will serve three days and was ordered to pay a $250 fine. Lane had previously pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct for harassing and spitting […]

Cleveland City Council will introduce a bill that deals with penalties for misconduct on RTA buses, as RTA requests $2 million from the board of trustees for cameras to be installed on all buses. The move was prompted by the viral bus attack involving a woman and Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes. On Monday, Cleveland […]

The Cleveland RTA union voted in favor of arbitration for the bus driver who was fired after being caught on video punching a rider. Video surfaced in October of 59-year-old RTA driver Artis Hughes uppercutting a 25-year-old woman who refused to pay, the police report said. The incident happened on Sept. 18 when he picked […]

*Some of the infamous current events have turned into major cash cows for some. Remember Antoine Dodson? His stock shot up after his ordeal and it appears that someone else is looking to cash in on the latest media frenzy. Two separate sites are selling two different t-shirts that are related to the Cleveland bus driver, Artis […]

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has fired driver Artis Hughes following an altercation with a female passenger. Hughes was charged with assault and placed  unpaid leave following the September 18 incident on board an RTA bus in Beachwood. In making its decision, the RTA said in a written release, “There are certain actions by our […]

The RTA bus driver who punched an unruly passenger and found that video of it had gone viral on the internet turned himself in to police Monday to face criminal charges. Artis Hughes faces one count of assault — the charge was brought by the passenger who didn’t pay her fare and then spit on […]