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via EEWMagazine/Alexis Leonard : It seems almost as if everybody’s mad, outraged, triggered, or up-in-arms about something these days. We quarrel incessantly over political views, theological perspectives, social issues and personal preferences. When does the quarreling, anger and rage cease? As believers, we know that anger, which is a negative emotion which comes from feeling […]

  I remember the day I found out that I can jump real high—about eight feet high. Now, I can’t jump that high intentionally, but I did it once when I was a little boy. There was a lady who lived behind our house from whose fruit trees we would occasionally feast and help ourselves. […]

Brutal and inhumane, scary in its stance, the Cross was carved to represent death. It was hewn by human hands to serve punishment and execute wrath upon its victim. As a child, I didn’t understand the Cross. My young mind could not fathom the level of brutality that would drive nails into the hands and […]

  Much of our lives are built around what we want.  We drive vehicles because that’s what we wanted.  We dress in ways that makes us feel better about ourselves.  We eat custom ordered meals catering to our taste buds.  We live in houses that are complete with all of our toys and technologies that […]

  You wouldn’t give your 5-year-old a 12-gauge shotgun or a big Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Shotguns and motorcycles are great – but they’re for adults. You need maturity to handle them. Giving such gifts to your child would endanger them, and everybody else around them. The gifts just don’t fit the person. Perhaps you’re a talented […]

  “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10 Do you know what Fear and Faith have in common? A future that hasn’t happened yet. Fear […]

  Americans have an infatuation with police shows, crime antics, and mysteries.  On an average night in America, the television line-up of shows reveals dozens of episodes that involve police, crime stories, unsolved mysteries, and the like.  It is really easy to get caught into the story line as it unfolds, only to be left […]

  As a preacher’s kid, I grew up hearing and reading about faith. As an adult I’ve come to know and experience what faith is and does. FAITH: loyalty, belief and trust in God. I am a fan of Webster.com and when I typed “trust” I noticed the derivatives were, “trustability”, “trustable”, “truster”, “trustingly”, “trustingness”. […]

  How many of you say that you love Jesus? Well, this devotional will be a litmus test as to whether that is true, based on the Bible. The church has sung for years, “Oh how I love Jesus….” But do we really know what that means? I am convinced that many Christians have no idea what […]

  Our text is about the parable of the lost son.  The son wasn’t lost in the sense of location, but he was lost relative to his sense of family, his sense of responsibility, and his sense of salvation.  The bible says in Luke 15:17 that when he came to his senses, he began to […]

- Daily Praise

via FirstLadyB: The late Whitney Houston bible  was left at one of her rental homes, and now the property owner is selling it. The Bible, which was left at a Newport Beach home back in 2011, is being sold for $95,000. The Bible contains personal notes made by Houston, including the date Bobbi Kristian was born, and the […]

  The world looks at Christians celebrating death on Good Friday, and they can’t figure it out. They say, “That is so extreme! Why, before God could forgive people, would He require the death of His Son? Why wouldn’t He simply, benevolently, forgive people’s sin? If I did something against you, you would just forgive […]