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via EEWMagazine: For those who may have buried pain and are tired of the road they’re on, Sarah Jakes Roberts gives simple advice: start listening to God’s voice. In a recent Instagram post, the daughter of mega-pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes got candid about her days working in the strip club and how she finally learned to yield […]

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via EEWMagazine: Some people will tell you the safest place you can be is in the will of God, while others will tell you that the will of God is dangerous, but worth staying in. What many people seem to miss is that these two views do not contradict each other, but complement one another While it’s true that […]

  About 2,200 miles off the coast of South America is a little island called Easter Island. It was named that because it was found by a Dutch explorer in the 1700s on Easter Sunday. Not many people live there. However, because of its location, it is used for navigation. There is navigational equipment on […]

I was about nine-years-old when I first saw a dead person up-close. Some school kids heard an old woman in the neighborhood had just died. Morbid curiosity got the best of us. Before I knew it, we were making nervous tracks through a country dirt road and into the woman’s house. The quick glimpse of […]

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via FirstLadyB: Take the Lid Off — Nonfiction and ReShonda Tate Billingsley (Seeking Sarah — Fiction) lead the bestsellers list of Black Christian authors on the September 2017 edition of the Black Christian News/Black Christian Book Company National Bestsellers List. CLICK HERE to read story

  via TheStreamingFaith: Warning: the following devotional may RADICALLY change our water cooler conversations at work. So please, read at your own risk. I am often asked by younger (and sometimes older) leaders what they should do when they feel like their boss is no longer delegating responsibilities to them, but rather dumping them in […]

via StreamingFaith: Have you ever heard someone say, “I just don’t have the time…?” Being the analyzer that I am, I have found myself thinking about that phrase for years now. Literally years. My brother discounts that line of thinking by telling people that no one has time…we make time. I didn’t really like hearing […]

The word of God is calling us to come out of our religious rhetoric and placating piety to convey a message to the body of Christ as well as the world that it’s the inside that counts. Enough of just doing “just to do.” Enough of putting on. Enough of walking around, looking good on […]

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getty images: Have you ever messed up and felt like there was no recovering from that mistake? Or have you ever done something you knew went against God, and felt the horrible sting of regret afterward? If so, this article is for you, to remind you that there is therefore now no condemnation to those […]

Most Christians don’t realize what they have with this power because so many don’t know what the Word of God says regarding their rights in Christ. But glory be to God that we are everything that the Word of God says that we are. We just need to learn how to apply His Word to […]

  God put us on this earth to know Him and to glorify Him, but that comes as a revelation to some people. They think they are on this earth to make their mark on society, or to find a career and make a living, or to have a family. Or, they believe they are […]

  This week’s topic: Fathers Father’s day is an extremely important day to me because it’s a reminder of the demonstration of God’s never ending outpour of love in my life. When I was conceived, my biological father initially denied me. Six years later, even knowing that he was indeed my father, he willingly gave […]