Holy Week observances continued Thursday night at the Cathedral of St. John in downtown Cleveland. Cleveland Catholic Bishop Richard Lennon celebrated the mass of the Lord’s Supper with the traditional washing of the feet. The Bible says Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an act of humility. Thursday’s mass marks the beginning of […]

A Mass and special prayers will be offered by Cleveland Catholic Bishop Richard Lennon as 115 cardinals begin the process of choosing the successor to Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI at the Vatican in Rome. The Mass will be celebrated at 12 p.m. Tuesday in St. John Cathedral, located at East 9th Street and Superior Avenue […]

  We’re seeing progress as several local Catholic churches prepare to reopen. The Cleveland Diocese closed the churches in 2009 as part of cost-cutting efforts and a reorganization. Several churches appealed and earlier this year the Vatican ruled in favor of 12 churches. In April, Bishop Richard Lennon announced he would reopen the churches rather […]

  Bishop Richard Lennon announced at a Tuesday morning news conference that the Diocese will reopen a dozen closed churches. The move comes after an analysis of Vatican decrees which determined that the bishop failed to follow church law in the closings. Bishop Lennon had the option to reopen the churches or further appeal. He says […]