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Hollywood tends to portray bullies as entitled little rich kids who are popular and fall prey on the beloved hero/heroine underdog in movies and television. They are good-looking, smug, and “always win” until the leading character evolves to become courageous enough to stand up to their nemesis.

Everyone these days wants to break the cycle of bullying, but are we willing to truly do what it takes to create a positive school environment? It’s not only important to help victims recover, teach bystanders to speak up, and drill in our kid’s heads to always go to an adult they can trust if they are being bullied; it’s also vital to understand why these school yard bullies, are doing what they do. If the reason behind their aggressive behavior isn’t addressed, how are they to truly reform?

Below are some common reasons behind why children turn into bullies:

1. Role Models

Statistics show that many bullies in the school yard are raised by parents who are adult bullies themselves. Moms and dads hold the largest amount of power as it relates to influencing the behaviors of their children. Our kiddos mimic us, pick up our best strengthens, and sometimes our worst habits. Your voice becomes your child’s inner voice, and some school yard bullies tend to exhibit aggressive and violent tendencies from parents or extended family members that are adult bullies themselves.

2. Parents Who Are Uninvolved

Kids who bully might not be getting the love, attention, and support they need from parents or guardians at home. Sure, there also may be a lack of rules and discipline because parents are distracted with other things; however, ultimately, a child may bully because there simply is not enough parent involvement after school.

3. Peer Pressure:

Good kids fall into the wrong groups at times, and become bullies simply because their friend is doing it too. They may know it is not right, they may not want to do it, but what will happen if they don’t? They risk getting bullied themselves.

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