Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer. “There’s no way it’s going to alert you. It’s not going to wake you up because of the smell or wake you up because you hear anything. There’s no taste to it,” said Parma Fire Department Public Information Officer Doug Turner. Thursday, carbon monoxide poisoning may have claimed two […]

  Rodney Todd, Sr. tried to be the best father he could be. The single father was raising his own six kids and a stepchild, but apparently didn’t have money to heat their home. So he installed a generator not realizing having it inside would release deadly odorless, colorless carbon monoxide gas. In the end, […]

  Soon Cleveland city officials could make it mandatory for all apartment buildings to have carbon monoxide detectors inside every apartment. Ohio law doesn’t require them in commercial buildings. Firefighters tell us the life saving device is one of your best warnings because you can’t see smell or taste the poisonous gas. “They are effective […]

  After two deaths in three months, there is growing concern over safety at Crystal Tower apartments in East Cleveland. Residents are back in their homes after high levels of carbon monoxide forced them to evacuate on Friday. The Fire Department is still trying to locate the problem with the help of technicians. Barbara Kelley, […]