viachicagotribune: Child abuse increases the day after school report cards are released — but only when kids get their grades on a Friday, a study in Florida suggests. The curious finding startled researchers, who had figured abuse might go up regardless of the specific day kids got their grades. But their study of reports to […]

via KRQE-TV: The Taos County Courthouse was placed on lockdown by the sheriff’s department Tuesday because of ongoing threats to court staff and District Court Judge Sarah Backus. Throughout the afternoon no one was allowed to enter the courthouse. Backus is the district court judge who ordered the release of the five adults accused of starving 11 children […]

  via Wkyc: The reports of child abuse and neglect are up in Cuyahoga County. In 2017, 88 more child abuse and neglect cases were reported than 2016. If the numbers tell the story, it’s possible parents in the past may have read a story like this and thought “not me”. Now, they may be […]

The first Wednesday in April is considered Childhelp National Day of Hope. This is the day for helping to end child abuse and neglect. In observance of this day lighting a 5 wick candle  and observing 5-minutes of silence represents 5 children everyday who die across the U.S. from child abuse and neglect. According to […]

The tutor offered the boy's mother a ridiculous explanation for her son's serious injuries. A surveillance video viewed by investigators revealed what happened.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Writer Aliya S. King is found in a debate with her mom, Rita Moore King, over whether spanking is an acceptable form of punishment. aliya’s turn: Like many with mothers in my mom’s generation, my older brother, younger sister and I were spanked more than once. The offenses were usually one or […]

Just weeks after a Bronx mother allegedly threw her newborn out of her building window, another mother has been arrested for the same crime in the same area.

A Florida mother is facing child abuse charges after she allegedly beat her son for his failing grades, leaving him with a black eye.

Do you ever look at your spouse and think he or she needs something new? Well, our listeners certainly do. Listen to the audio player…

  NFL player Adrian Peterson is facing child abuse charges for allegedly hitting his child as a form of discipline. Do you think parents are…

Photo By Mayra Beltran/Houston Chronicle Bonita Jackson, mother of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, talks about her son the day after he placed on the Commissioner’s exempt list on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, in Houston. Seated on a couch at her home overlooking a golf course in Spring, Bonita Jackson dabbed her eyes with […]

In a hate move that has stunned and outraged a Newcastle, Ontario, community, the family of a 13-year-old boy, Max Begley (pictured), received an anonymous letter (pictured…