Cleveland City Council

via Wkyc/ The city of Cleveland has passed an ordinance to decriminalize the low-level possession of marijuana. The ordinance was approved during Monday’s council meeting. The ordinance eliminates fines and jail time for possession of up to 200 grams, or just over 7 ounces, of marijuana. While marijuana is still illegal in Ohio, outside of […]

via Wkyc/Tiffany Tarpley: The size of Cleveland City Council may shrink…During night’s meeting,council was forced, by charter, to approve legislation which sends the proposals to the board of elections. Voters in March will decide… CLICK HERE to read full story  

via Wkyc: Cleveland City Council passed legislation, named “The Right to Counsel,” that will give free legal help to those low-income tenants with children who are facing eviction. Supporters of the legislation hope the effort will help mitigate housing instability and homelessness. The United Way of Greater Cleveland will work with council to lead the […]

via Wkyc: Cleveland City Council is looking into providing free legal representation to low-income tenants with children who are facing eviction. The legislation was presented to the council during Wednesday’s meeting. CLICK HERE to read the full story

via Wkyc: There’s a new way to fight crime and tonight Cleveland City Council will vote on it..The will be voiting on new gunfire detection technology that would allow police to pinpoint shots within a minute without ever getting a 911 call. Its called ShotSpotter, uses sensors mounted on light poles. CLICK HERE to read […]

via Wkyc: Yesterday members a compromise to avoid getting rid of Columbus Day. The resolution, introduced in May by Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones, originally would have replaced Columbus Day (held every year on the second Monday of October) with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Its something many localities (including Oberlin) and some states have already done, believing Christopher […]

via Wkyc: Don’t call it a comeback. Electric scooters will soon be making their way back into Cleveland. On Monday, Cleveland City Council approved legislation that would regulate the usage of e-scooters and ensure the safety of riders and pedestrians. Bird scooters were the talk of the town when they flew onto the scene last August. […]

via Wkyc: During Monday’s City Council new legislation that would make rental scooters and electric bikes legal was introduced. The new law would add the electronic sources of transportation to existing bike laws. Aimed at hourly rentals, vendors would be required to pay the city one dollar per scooter or bike per day. The money […]

via News5: Cleveland’s city council is one step closer to reviving a plan aimed at helping homeowners fix code violations. The council put $1.8 million into the budget that would revive a plan to work with non-profit neighborhood agencies to check on the quality of houses in the city and help homeowners make repairs. “When […]

via Wkyc: Cleveland City Council has given the green light for all commercial ground transportation businesses to be charged $4 per trip when taking passengers to and from Hopkins Airport. The legislation, passed at the council’s meeting on Monday, extends the fee to include limousine services, off-airport, and hotel shuttles. Previously, only Uber, Lyft, and […]

via Wkyc: Changes are coming to CLE. On Monday, Cleveland City Council approved a plan for improving your ground experience at Hopkins Airport. The $3 million dollar project includes a new Ground Transportation Center, plus outdoor canopies for picking up and dropping off passengers. The plan comes as Hopkins Airport is experiencing an upswing in […]

via News5: The Cleveland City Council is considering a $1 million proposal to bring additional counselors and training to staff to the city’s 21 recreation centers, something supporters say will help reduce youth violence and crime. As part of the proposed program, the city would sign a contract with Frontline Service, a non-profit mental health provider. In addition […]