Donna Richardson-Joyner

Richardson's new DVD, entitled "Old School Dance Party," is the "first ever hip-hop dance workout video that featured a full live set by the Sugarhill Gang and a dance party."

  Donna Richardson Joyner is what most people would refer to as a fitness guru. But she prefers a term a kid called her a few months back: “a cheerleader for Jesus.” Even without the pom-poms, it’s a spot-on description of the seriously spirited 50-year-old who grew up in Silver Spring, gained VHS fame as […]

  Is it becoming harder and harder to stick to your resolve to lose weight as the New Year kicks in to its second month? Well, fitness guru Donna Richardson Joyner has a fitness program to help you work your plan. In “Witness to Fitness: Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things Are Possible”  Joyner combines […]

  “Witness to Fitness: Pumped Up! Powered Up! All Things are Possible!”written by Donna Richardson-Joyner, one of the world’s top fitness gurus, is Empowering Everyday Women™ (EEW) Online Magazine’s official “Best Book of the Year” selection for 2013. In an exclusive interview with Dianna Hobbs, President & CEO of the publication, the first-time author shares her inspiration behind the […]

Fans of radio legend and Hall of Famer Tom Joyner were saddened to learn, albeit late, that the “Fly Jock” has divorced Donna Richardson, his wife of 12 years. The New York Daily News reported that the famous couple parted ways weeks ago in a “mutual but not exactly amicable” separation, while states that the Joyner […]

Diet and Weight Loss is a much discussed topic amongst our family, friends and associates.  We see our favorite fitness instructors bopping across the screen and in our health centers pushing us to have better bodies.  Donna Richardson Joyner has been helping many individuals shed unwanted pounds and live healthier lives for over 20 years. […]