East Cleveland

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton tells WKYC’s Tom Beres that the city may decide to bring charges against the officers and supervisors involved in the deadly high speed chase in 2012. Early Thursday evening (June 4), Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty released a statement: “The County Prosecutor’s Office charged all the Cleveland Police officer defendants—that […]

  Residents in Cleveland and East Cleveland believe their city building and housing departments must respond more quickly to hazardous building issues. Marvin Porter of East Cleveland, owner of Satellite Cleaners, showed newsnet5.com a decrepit building right next door to his Hayden Avenue business. Porter showed us how a sinkhole has caused a significant section of […]

  That East Cleveland is a city on the financial edge has been well documented. The state auditor called it a city on the verge of financial collapse. The city’s two major options are bankruptcy or a merger with neighboring Cleveland. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton will host a community meeting on Thursday to discuss […]

East Cleveland senior citizens are wondering where they’ll turn for transportation, a hot meal, and place they can call their own. The Helen S. Brown Senior Citizens Center on Euclid Avenue closed its doors for good on Dec. 30, due to deep city budget issues. East Cleveland city leaders say the city is facing bankruptcy […]

The city of East Cleveland could use a Christmas miracle or a generous Santa Claus with very deep pockets. The financially long-struggling city’s spending has been under the oversight of State Auditor David Yost for about two years. Yost says the city is on the verge of financial collapse. It reportedly needs to slash another […]

  The families of two people killed and shot at 137 times by Cleveland Police officers will receive a settlement of $3 million. On November 29, 2012, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were killed when 13 officers fired 137 bullets into their car. Russell and Williams were involved in a high -speed police chase that […]

  East Cleveland has been in fiscal emergency since 2012. The city’s finances are on life support. But, now the East Cleveland firefighters who put their lives on the line daily said they have their own emergency. “We are at a point where we are tired of it,” said Tom Buth President of East Cleveland […]

A federal judge in Rhode Island has ruled that a cash-strapped Cleveland suburb must pay at least $638,000 after defaulting on a years-old bill owed to an insolvent traffic camera company that was based in Providence, Rhode Island. The total could reach $1 million if an attorney for the receiver overseeing the insolvency seeks interest […]

  Residents around Superior Elementary continue fighting to drive on safe roads on East Cleveland. Several residents took their complaints to the Ward 2 coalition meeting Monday night at Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church. The city has already received several claims for people asking for reimbursements from damage to their car due to potholes like […]

The complaints continue about an East Cleveland school that is surrounded by potholes. One block of Lambert street right outside Superior Elementary school had about a dozen potholes. Some as deep as five inches, some as wide as eight feet and some as long as 15 feet. That’s big enough to fit a Ford Focus […]

  The kids at Freedom Schools in East Cleveland are learning a valuable lesson, one that’s not in the pages of a book. “Today shows that there are people who truly care about what the scholars are going through,” Freedom Schools site coordinator Jake Streeter said. Then, the popular summer reading program suffered another blow […]

A final pre-trial today for Michael Madison, the man accused in a series of murders in East Cleveland. Madison was in court for the hearing. Madison, 36, faces the death penalty if convicted. He faces 14 counts, including six counts of aggravated murder in the deaths Shetisha Sheeley, Angela Deskins and Shirellda Terry. Madison was […]