via GetUpMornings: What’s not to love about Michelle Obama? She’s smart, edgy, beautiful, strong, steadfast and the list goes on. In addition to being the first African American First Lady, she’s also a fierce lawyer, advocator, mother, wife and now, author. She’s got a new memoir called Becoming and it’s everything we hoped for, plus more.  Having embarked […]

While at first GRIFF was weary about talking about his excitement for getting hip to websites like Groupon, he made sure to thank God for the helpful apps and the ladies with the ziplock bags full of coupons.  This prayer is dedicated to another ministry we can invest CLICK HERE to read full story

via GetUpMornings: It’s week 4 of the NFL and GRIFF has his picks for who he thinks will win. For the Jets and the Jaguars he has the Jaguars winning. New England will win against Miami and the Eagles will win against the Titans. The Texans take on the Colts and this is GRIFF’s wack game of the week, […]

v ia GetUpMornings:   GRIFF was talking to one of his really good friends about Jesus peace. Most people think about it as a piece of jewelry you wear, but GRIFF is referring to it as the inner peace he gives us. He recalled the movie Friday where Debo, the neighborhood bully took a guys Jesus piece after […]

    GRIFF is tired of paying his expensive cable bill. He mentioned that he’s never home, but still has to pay this large bill. The other day he went to his friends house and they watched a whole bunch of television without having a cable box. His friend took something off his phone and next […]

  GRIFF spent some time this weekend in Detroit and had a great experience. He went to his first Detroit Tigers game and met 300 women from a church. Even though only like 5 of them understood the game, the church made it a trip for them.   GRIFF also met a pastor that has 8 […]

getupmornings:   Robert Townsend is an actor, comedian, director and writer. He’s worked with some of the biggest stars such as Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry and many more. He spoke with “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” about why he decided to make the documentary about the journey behind the movie. Townsend spoke about how he interviewed nearly 10,000 […]

via GetUpMornings: GRIFF has a great voice for radio, but went on “The Nine” to be interviewed by his cousin, Maurielle Lue. He spoke about being in comedy for 23 years and getting the opportunity to work with Erica Campbell everyday. GRIFF loves the fact that he can stand in his comedic lane on the show and do […]

GRIFF wants us to stop going into certain situations with thoughts of negativity as well as confusion. He spoke about how sometimes growing up sometimes there was rage and anger that would cause chaos in the home. GRIFF also grew up having anger problems at times and it wasn’t until he relaxed and was quiet he […]

  The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin passed away and GRIFF loved her music. He talked to his mom who loved her music even more. GRIFF said the reason his mom loves her so much is because every in 1970, 1972 and another year he and his siblings were born.   He hinted at the fact that without Aretha […]

via GetUpMornigs: It’s time for GRIFF’s Prayer! The school year is starting up downstairs and GRIFF is praying for the parents that are dropping of their kids for the first time. He wants parents to stop crying in the car or as they walk to the door. Don’t break down in front of the babies […]

via getupmornings: It’s Back 2 School Season … kids all over the country are heading back to get more of those three “R’s” … reading, writing and arithmetic! (We just realized that not all of those start with the letter “r” … LOL … but you get the point!) Every year … every school child […]