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What’s not to love about Michelle Obama? She’s smart, edgy, beautiful, strong, steadfast and the list goes on. In addition to being the first African American First Lady, she’s also a fierce lawyer, advocator, mother, wife and now, author. She’s got a new memoir called Becoming and it’s everything we hoped for, plus more. 

Having embarked on a book tour and already sold over a million copies of her book in less than a week, Michelle Obama’s book details parts of her upbringing that shaped her into the amazing woman she is today. From learning to play the piano on a broken instrument to lessons she learned from her great aunt in Chicago, she talks about being encouraged to use what she had to get to where she needed to go. That included her voice, which is written all over the new read with short stories. One included the time she convinced her teacher to let her retake a spelling test on the spot. 

“I want people to know to dream big,” she said regarding one of her reasons for the release. “Don’t let people knock you off your pedestal.” 

In an exclusive interview with Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell, our forever First Lady spoke to Erica and Griff about how she was introduced to higher learning outside of her hometown, what she learned from diversifying herself through different circles, the first time she remembers using her voice to advocate for herself and more.

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