During the dating period it is very important to find ways to express your love for one another that will be healthy both spiritually and emotionally for your relationship. Being intimate with each other doesn’t mean  participating in sexual relations. Prayer is intimate; having heartfelt conversation is intimate, studying God’s word together is intimate and simply […]

Well, hello there! Previously we spoke about  the importance of serving together, well how about serving each other? As Christians, It is impossible to serve God without serving your fellow man. God has commanded that we love one another just as we love as we love ourselves; and what would we keep ourselves from having? […]

Serving together is healthy way to build a strong spiritual relationship. By this time in the courtship you’ve already begun praying together and studying God’s word, serving in ministry together is the next step. Create a list of common passions, decide on 1 or 2 and get out there and serve for Jesus Christ. God aligns the life […]

Christian online dating, is it faithful or faith-less? Well, that depends on the intentions of your heart. If you are single and seeking to date someone online because you are discouraged,  I strongly recommend turning your attentions back to Christ! Often times when a single person feels lonely or weary on their journey they turn to online […]

Don’t be so focused on outward appearance. Yes of course, you should be attracted to your mate but that shouldn’t be a deterrent from considering going out on a date with them. If you have been prayerful and trusting in God during your single journey; you know that God will provide your needs and not […]

Spend time with like-minded Christian married couples. Notice I said like-minded. Which means, a married couple that exemplifies Christ’s viewpoint on what marriage should look like- a husband who loves his wife and a wife that submits to her husband. No they will not be perfect but they can give you both a real world […]

Trust the Process! What does this mean? Courting each other and preparing for marriage it is a process, a process that you have to give completely over to God. You don’t want to force anything or have to create something from nothing. You want the process of falling in love to be led by God […]

So you’ve been courting, learning each other and growing feelings for each other. Now that feelings are growing stronger you need to make it your business to continue to keep God at the head of your relationship and to seek God for matters of the heart.  Once emotions become involved we can sometimes be blinded […]

How many of you know that when you are courting, you have to be conscience of what you wear? Yes! Your attire can affect your significant other when trying to remain pure during the courtship. Although we have the liberty to wear what we want it may not always be the best decision for us. […]

As a couple you should pray and study the Word of God together. This is an essential part of your courtship. God must be the head of every relationship to ensure the success of the couple. His Word will also help you set Godly boundaries. This does not displace your personal study time with the […]

No intimate touching,  kissing or pre-marital relations is permitted when dating the way God intended it to be. I know what you’re thinking, Sis Rohnesha -now you’ve gone too far! If you understand why we should not have  pre-marital relations and intimate touching BUT you don’t understand about they Kissing? Yes, this includes kissing. Let […]

Have you asked yourself lately, where are all the godly men or women? Believe it or not, they really are out here. I stand on this principle. You are what you attract and you attract what you are. When you become godly you will gravitate towards or draw godly people. You cannot complain about not […]