Megan Good sat down to discuss the backlash that she — and especially her husband Devon Franklin — faced after she wore that revealing eye-popping blue dress to the 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles. The “Stomp the Yard” actor said her husband was verbally attacked. The decision to wear the dress has affected relationships […]

As a first lady, “Hollywood Exes” star Sheree Fletcher, has a certain reputation to uphold, despite her reality TV association. “There are some saved folk…

Sheree Fletcher is not just Will Smith’s ex wife and a star on the reality show “Hollywood Exes,” she is also a First Lady of her church with a reputation to uphold. “There are some saved folk that don’t think church and show business go together in any way, shape or form. You have to respect people’s […]

  Think Like A Man Too star Meagan Good is not trying to hear what her critics have talking about her provocative and revealing blue dress at the BET Awards Sunday evening. The voluptuous vixen was flossing a titillating body-hugging dress replete with a plunging neckline that almost caused her large appendages to bolt out of […]

Meagan Good celebrated two very special men in her life yesterday: her father, Leondis “Leon” Good, and husband, DeVon Franklin. “Funny thing how our ‘Anniversary’ and ‘Father’s Day’ has had such an interesting intertwining,” said the doting wife and beaming daughter on Instagram, pointing out that hubby’s birthday falls on June 17, just one day […]

There has been speculation for a while. But now, the news has been officially confirmed that Christian actress Meagan Good’s NBC drama, Deception, has not been renewed for a second season. “I’m sorry everyone,” Good wrote in a note to her fans. The show, which was originally called Notorious and Infamous,premiered on January 7, 2013 asDeception. Before being axed, […]

Celibacy before marriage: Message to young women: Message to young man: article courtesy of

  While some people were tweeting about bunnies and scavenger hunts on Easter Sunday, a number of celebrities took to the social media website to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Khloe Kardashian, the host of “X Factor” and reality television star, mentioned that she was watching The Bible series on Easter Sunday. However, the […]

Meagan Good, Christian Hollywood actress, has been impacting others since speaking out about her marriage to Hollywood Executive and preacher DeVon Franklin. Now the thespian is sharing some of the revelations that she has learned from holy matrimony. Good,31, recently created a personal blog on where she spoke about the commitment of marriage and […]

Preacher and movie exec, DeVon Franklin, warned critics against judging his new wife, Meagan Good, based on public perception and the roles she plays. After news of their announcement broke last year, DeVon said there was lots of chatter from those questioning his choice in a mate. Some just couldn’t make the connection between a God-fearing, Seventh […]

  Think God can’t speak to you about who your mate is before you get together with them? Perhaps you should think again. In a Valentine’s Day chat, actress Meagan Good said, “God told me flat out that Devon was my husband.” Pastor Touré Roberts hosted the famous newlyweds at One Church International in Los […]

    DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good were one of three couples to grace the cover of EBONY magazine’s February issue and recently offered a behind the scenes look into their photo shoot that featured a love letter that the newlywed husband wrote to his wife. In the February issue of EBONY, Franklin wrote his […]