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via eurweb/urbanhollywood411/ Yes it will be another part of the R Kelly story..Lifetime announced details on a follow-up docuseries titled “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.” It will be on tv for 3 nights in January…WOW! CLICK HERE to read full story  

via blackamericaweb: Hmmm. Fake ID for a unnaimed person..a secret ceremony.. that is what Federal prosecutors are accusing singer R. Kelly and others of doing. The revised indictment filed Thursday in New York, accuses Kelly of paying a bribe in exchange for a “fraudulent identification document” for someone identified only as “Jane Doe” on Aug. 30, […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: R Kelly is facing new charges of prostitution and solicitation related to an allegation that he invited a 17-year-old girl to his hotel room in 2001 and paid her $200 to dance naked with him. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in Minnesota is filing these new charges against Kelly CLICK HERE to read […]

via CNN: Singer R. Kelly was arrested in Chicago on Thursday night on federal sex crime charges, sources told CNN. Kelly is charged with sex trafficking in New York and attempting to influence a case in Atlanta, and was arrested while walking his dog, a source with knowledge of the arrest said. His arrest comes after a 13-count indictment […]

via CBSNews: In an exclusive interview airing Wednesday, singer R. Kelly told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King that the sexual abuse allegations against him are lies. The charges involve four women, three of whom were underage at the time of the alleged events. King also sat down with two young women who currently live with […]

via EEWMagazine: R. Kelly pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that he sexually abused four people dating back to 1998, including three underage girls, and his attorney said the R&B star was still trying to pay the bail that would allow him to go free while awaiting trial. Kelly walked into a Chicago courtroom wearing […]

via CNN: Taraji P. Henson is speaking out after critics suggested she supports embattled singer R. Kelly. The “Empire” star faced backlash Tuesday for a now deleted Instagram story in which she compared protests against Kelly to those against disgraced former producer Harvey Weinstein. The Instagram story showed Henson checking to see how many #MuteRKelly […]

via Source: Time & Life Pictures / Getty/Brandon Caldwell:   The Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” is still sending shockwaves through the music industry from those who’ve worked with R. Kelly in the past to those who’ve avoided working with him altogether. Mathew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and the manager of Destiny’s Child opened up to Metro News about why Destiny’s Child was […]

viaBlackAmericaWeb/hollywoodreporter: R. Kelly remains a controversial figure in music, hounded by numerous allegations of predatory sexual behavior with women both of age and not. A sex tape reputed to be of Kelly and an underage girl was sent to Kelly’s hometown newspaper and was passed around for years afterward. The girl on the tap appeared to […]

via FirstLadyB: Andrea Kelly, the ex wife of R. Kelly(Robert Kelly)  has opened up about being abused by the R&B singer. During an interview with Syleena Johnson on Sister Circle TV, Andrea shared that it’s time for her to speak up simple because,”ENOUGH!” Andrea, who was married to the singer from 1996 to 2009, shared with Johnson that she doesn’t […]

via BlackAmericaWeb:   In the midst of #muterkelly, another young woman has come out against the R&B singer claiming he initiated “unwanted sexual contact” with her and exposed her to herpes. Faith Rodgers, who was 19 at the time she and R. Kelly allegedly shared a sexual relationship, filed suit against the disgraced entertainer for sexual […]

  via FirstLadyB: R&B singer, R. Kelly Chicago concert was cancelled.. The singer headed to church… and Pastor, Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon offers him words of encouragement and prayer. The cancellation came as the #MuteRKelly campaign continued its efforts to keep the singers music off the radio, and concert goers from seeing him perform, due to ongoing rumors about […]