Erica Campbell reflected on a time where she didn’t have much and God still provided. She is encouraging everyone to look at what God has done in your life so far and how he’s never let you down. Erica always believes that no matter what God will get her through any tough time. She talked about when Tina Campbell and […]

During my 58 years, I’ve occupied several roles. I’ve been a student, teacher and church leader. I’ve been an intern, employee and boss. I’m a son, father and grandfather, as well as husband, neighbor and friend. As I approach my sixth decade, I’ve been thinking a lot about missed opportunities, regret and the hard-scrabble lessons […]

Grammy-winning Gospel artist Kirk Franklin is back with his first studio album in four years, the provocatively titled Losing My Religion. Franklin has been known over the course of his twenty-two year career as a contemporary Gospel recording artist who pushes boundaries, and his latest album is no exception. “More than anything, I’m trying to […]

GETTY Article By Sherita Paul:: EEW Magazine Adopted children make up roughly two percent of the total population under age 18. GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin, 45, fell into that small percentage as a child. Forsaken by his birth mother at age three, he was taken in by a great aunt. Born Kirk Smith […]

Tedashii recently opened up about finding strength and redemption in the Bible after the tragic death of his son. Last year, the acclaimed rapper, who is also a member of Christian hip-hop troupe The 116 Clique, was left wounded and broken following the accidental death of his one-year-old son. Initially, the tragedy placed strain on […]

  You would think that after being on a nationally syndicated television show for about two months straight with approximately 3 million people around the world watching you every week and finishing as a top 3 finalist that I wouldn’t have to work as hard to achieve my goals. Well….not exactly, I’ve actually had to […]

Hey Guys, There have only been a handful of people in my life who have moved me, inspired me, encouraged me, and helped mold the man I am today. One of those people would be Dr. Maya Angelou. She was a woman I called “friend”. Her words and her spirit are too powerful to leave this earth […]

  A year of heartbreaking personal tragedies suffered by Christian leaders appeared all too often as the main news at The Christian Post and the Church & Ministry section in 2013. In early April, Southern California-based megachurch pastor Rick Warren, and his wife, Kay, lost their son, Matthew, to suicide. Warren grieved quite publicly by […]

Recently, I had a friend to share with me that a colleague of his did not respond at all to something he had done for the colleague. He was amazed at the fact that this person did not show any gratitude for what he had done. Not even a simple thank you. When my friend […]

You know Montell Jordan. But the “This Is How We Do It” singer has abandoned his familiar topics of women, partying and drinking and is now the worship pastor at a church in Atlanta. He uses his brand of pop-leaning contemporary Christian music to lead the multi-ethnic megachurch. We meet up with him recently in L.A. Now 44, he […]

Earlier this month, Bishop T.D. Jakes, founding and senior pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, celebrated his 35th anniversary in ministry, his 15th anniversary at the Potter’s House, his 55th birthday and 30th wedding anniversary. “I’m still glowing in the dark,” he said about a star-studded fete Friday at the AT&T Performing Arts Center […]

Oddly enough, many people are unaware of their strengths.  It is important to recognize our inner resources, for until we do, we will fail to use them. A person must identify and focus on his strengths to implement changes and overcome his weaknesses.  A good way to identify personal strengths is for an individual to […]