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Recently, I had a friend to share with me that a colleague of his did not respond at all to something he had done for the colleague. He was amazed at the fact that this person did not show any gratitude for what he had done. Not even a simple thank you. When my friend asked me if he was asking for too much, I responded, “Your expectation of that person is greater than what the person is able to give!”

How often have I had certain expectations of people, only to discover that what I thought an individual was capable of is just not in them? That can be a rude awakening, but it has been my experience more often than I can discuss here. Unfortunately, we make the assumption that the people we have relationships with “get it” (whatever it is). We assume that they understand life the way we understand life, even if opinions vary.

But all it takes is one simple thing to upset your world and learn that what you thought about, or expected from, an individual is absolutely not the truth! I have been there.

I am more than sure that this happens in many contexts, but when it happens in the context of church it seems to have a different impact.

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