via BlackDoctor: No not the drama….During the holidays when friends and family are over, sometimes arguments can break out. And thats true!! So what will you do when this happens in your home? CLICK HERE to read full story

via BlackAmericaWeb: Recently Jamie was scene after his break up with Katie Holmes with younger women. and folks immediately assume that their budding relationship was the reason Holmes was gone. During a recent interview he set the record straight. CLICK HERE to read full story

via eurweb: Well wwe are talking about RELATIONS!! and the ladies of The Real had a great conversation on this tiopc and Adrianne Bailon had a lot to say…. CLICK HERE to read story

via BlackDoctor: We’ve all heard people say go to where you like to be to find your mate but does that really work? In some cases, yes, but if it’s not working for you here are a few more options for finding love: Interest Groups: Everyone has something they love doing! Whether that be local […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: As the holiday season starts, singles may face questions from friends and family: “When are you getting serious about dating?” In many families, seasonal festivities draw lines between who’s coupled and who’s not. Romantic partners are invited to holiday meals, included in family photographs, and seen as potential life mates – while “mere” […]

via Radio One: David and Tamela Mann have been through a lot. Their relationship has stood the test of time and it seems like they are inseparable. But how did they get such a strong relationship and was it always this strong? David and Tamela explain how they have been able to grow their marriage over the […]

Rachel Lindsay was brought to tears on “The Bachelorette” … and it was mostly about her inner struggle with being the first black woman calling the shots on the long-running series. Rachel insinuates she’s going to catch heat from the black community for some of her rose ceremony choices. There’s been A LOT of fighting […]

getty images: TJ, GRIFF and Marvin Sapp were in the studio talking about relationships and communication. After grilling TJ about the kind of man she wants, GRIFF says he knows how to “speak female.” TJ, however, was not down for the phrasing he used. Marvin subsequently spoke a little bit about men’s understanding of women […]

DEVON FRANKLIN SAYS “MEN HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR SEX DRIVE”! Let us know your thoughts ! Men can have control over their sex drive. source:

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asked listeners, "are you happily single?"

David and Tamela Mann have been a television fixture for several years now and are not only one of the cutest couples, they also work on some of the same shows and movies. In 2017, the Mann’s are gearing up for a new show on TV One that showcases their funny and loving moments as […]