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We’ve all heard people say go to where you like to be to find your mate but does that really work? In some cases, yes, but if it’s not working for you here are a few more options for finding love:

Interest Groups:

Everyone has something they love doing! Whether that be local concerts, conventions, retreats, workshops or expos, there is something that genuinely interests you to be present in that space at that moment. Take advantage of the like-mindedness that you have and make yourself available and open to bumping into someone that may spark your interest (literally)

Career Events:

There’s nothing like an ambitious man or woman. Add a nice suit to that and you’re golden. Go in with your professional goals in mind of course but save room for what might be a pool of potential industry-leading love interests too

The Airport

A place we all go to spend 2-3 hours to literally just sit and wait. If you love to travel, this is your prime location to look for love. Everyone is literally in the middle of traveling so that automatically checks off that box. Instead of having your head buried in your laptop or phone, pick your head up and take a look around. You never know who you may make eye contact with, sit next to or stand behind–that may be your soulmate.

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