via BlackAmericaWeb: Malia Obama has once again drawn national attention for her Lollapalooza turn-up. This time, the former first daughter was caught on video “dancing” to rock band The Killers on Friday night. And by “dancing,” we mean writhing around face down in the grass and banging her fists on the ground. Barack’s oldest daughter gave zero effs […]

It’s expected at this point that anything awesome the Obamas do, there’s going to be trolls who feel the opposite. But it’s always shocking how naive and idiotic some people can be when it comes to teenagers, especially Sasha and Malia Obama. The girls were recently at their first State Dinner along side their parents […]

The children of world leaders — the ones who grow up in the constant glare of the spotlight their parents chose — constitute a special club. A few members of that elite group convened a meeting during Thursday night’s White House state dinner in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. First daughters Sasha Obama, […]

Sasha and Malia Obama accompanied their mother on a trip to Europe this week, and they’re all grown up! First Lady Michelle Obama is visiting Europe in an effort to underscore initiatives to improve girls’ education, promote healthy eating, and support the families of service members, according to The Washington Post. The visit began Monday […]

Michelle Obama, Sasha and Malia Obama, traveled to China together in 2014. The trio is planning a trip to Japan this year (Credit: White House) Article By Asia Harris:: EEW Magazine News Last year, for Spring Break, First Lady Michelle Obama took the first daughters Sasha and Malia to China. This year, the trio is […]

Who needs the Disney Channel when you’ve got the White House? President Obama’s teenage daughters Malia and Sasha earned a top spot on Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 — lauded for bringing some swag to Pennsylvania Avenue. Malia, 16, and 13-year-old Sasha have grown up before the nation, with their ultra-protective parents guarding their […]

 Michelle Obama has the power to have paparazzi pictures of her daughter wiped from photo agencies, but there’s not much she can do about social media. The first lady took her daughters Sasha and Malia out to Chicago to take in Jay Z and Beyonce‘s On The Run Tour, and some fans couldn’t resist snapping […]

  President Barack Obama says he’s not worried about his daughters starting to date. After all, he’s got some help keeping an eye on them. Malia, age 15, and Sasha, age 12, are “very sensible,” Obama told comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey in a television interview that aired on Friday. “And the second […]

  President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are attending parent-teacher conferences for their daughters. Obama and the first lady left the White House by motorcade on Tuesday morning for the drive to the private Sidwell Friends School in northwest Washington. Fifteen-year-old Malia and 12-year-old Sasha are students at the exclusive school. article courtesy of

President Barack Obama says he and the first lady have a good strategy to prevent their daughters from getting tattoos. “What we’ve said to the girls is, if you guys ever decide to get a tattoo, then mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo in the same place. And we’ll go on YouTube […]

A new book claims that girls with a strong father figure have higher self-esteem. See: the first daughters.   Thankfully, it’s no secret that Barack Obama is a good father. More than other presidents in my recent memory, Obama — though never adopting the title “dad in chief” as his wife, Michelle, did with “mom […]

Usher sang “Yeah!” Katy Perry donned star and stripes for “Firework.” And a ballroom full of lucky kids got to rock out with Sasha and Malia Obama at Saturday’s Kids’ Inaugural Concert, a star-studded event that honors America’s military families. “Now, inauguration is a pretty big deal,” first lady Michelle Obama, who hosted the event […]