viaFirstLadyB: STEPH AND AYESHA CURRY ARE LOOKING OUT FOR OUR GIRLS! The couple, through their foundation has launched a scholarship program for girls interested in STEM. The Steph and Ayesha Curry Foundation will award a $30,000 scholarship annually to a young lady from the Bay area in California. he scholarship was inspired by a  9-year-old girl named Riley […]

The rush to sign kids up for summer camps is always intense, but this past summer, few filled up as quickly as the one targeted at girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). My family lives in a college town, home to one of the top-ranked science schools in the country, and getting […]

Science-based careers are expected to continue growing and paying top salaries. Unfortunately, many Black students are not on track to qualify for those job opportunities. A group of researchers believe they’ve discovered why Black students tend to lag behind their White peers in science. The study says the achievement gap begins in kindergarten, when children from […]

Jeanette J. Epps PH.D recently graduated from Astronaut Candidate Training. The death of Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, has brought to light her contributions to the space program and science. Dr Ride has influenced many females to get into the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Today, there is an increased […]

Bet you didn't know coding allows you the ability to call folks out on their BS and keep projects afloat! Yeah, learn that.

Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands joined Roland Martin CEO of Walker Brand & Company to discuss joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to…

According to The Condition of STEM 2013 Report,  “The academic achievement gap that exists in general for ethnically diverse students is even more pronounced among…