In an interview with The Black Gospel Blog, gospel music’s Yolanda Adams dishes about her new clothing line, The Yolanda Adams Collection.

She said that the clothes will go on sale in September and they are planning to go the trunk show circuit first. You can purchase on her website at

TBGB: What inspired you to start your own clothing line, Yolanda Adams Collection?

YA: I have been designing my clothes since I was a kid, being the tallest thing in the house and the oldest thing in the house! Being tall and thin was not a match for the clothes in the store. So what I would do is make my clothes, extend the length of the arms and legs. My grandmother and my mom taught me how to sew. I never knew at the time that I would be using this skill, but when I was looking for a specific dress that didn’t show too much, or make you wonder where you are going to wear it, I thought there has to be a lot of ladies like me who need the perfect dress for the right occasion and they can’t find it. So I thought, “let me put this to work.”

TBGB: The outfits are quite lovely, something Jackie Onassis would wear if she were a professional businesswoman today.

YA: That’s what we’re trying to get to: the young lady who is the classic mom, the classic first lady, the classic businesswoman who wants something really elegant to wear but it doesn’t have to be for an after-five kind of situation

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