Mabou Loiseau, a five-year-old child prodigy who is home-schooled can speak seven languages, play six instruments, and scored in the 99th percentile on the test for gifted and talented schools in New York City.Mabou has her own dance studio with a mirrored wall where she learns tap and ballet. “All the sacrifices in the world for her,” said her mom, Esther Loiseau, a piano teacher who taught French at an American school before leaving Haiti for Queens 15 years ago. “Furniture is not important. Education is

Loiseau, 47, said friends and neighbors were initially shocked that she was starting Mabou on such a regimen so early – instead of just letting her be a kid.

“But I make sure I leave enough time for her to play,” Loiseau said. “All she knows is learning. What becomes fun for someone is what they know.”

Loiseau tells the tutors to play with Mabou, speaking in their native language, for half of the lesson. They spend the other half reading, writing and practicing vocabulary.

She said a sure way to make the opinionated only child behave is to threaten to cancel one of her lessons – especially Russian.

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