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Often times it may be hard to do a self-examination, knowing that it must be done. We go to the doctor and dentist to get our physical and yearly checkups. Some people may be afraid to do a self-examination; afraid of what they might see. Some may feel as if they have it all together, thinking “what’s the point? I’m good!” Others may feel if they hide their problems, no one will see them. Then on the other hand, you have those that blame the world and a cousin for everything.

Mentioning the words “personality check” can be like setting off a bomb, but God is expecting for it to be just like that. He wants to get our attention. He wants us to be more like Christ.

To live as Christ, we must walk as Christ. God gave Jesus as an example to live by (Philippians 2:5). A self-examination is checking the inventory to see if we are measuring up. We may not like what we see, but the important thing is, if we humble ourselves and repent, God will heal. People want to run and hide, acting like nothing can be wrong with them, but God Who knows all and sees all, sees us. Most importantly He sees our inward parts. If our heart is not right, He sees. If our thoughts are not right, He sees. If we harbor ill feelings towards people, places and situations, He sees. He knows everything.

If we are honest with ourselves, our deliverance will take place. We have to get an oil change in our cars, why not look at ourselves as needing a cleansing every now and again? Cleaning out the filters or even changing the filters will keep the oil flowing like it should. Giving ourselves a checkup can only allow the flow of God’s anointing to work better in our lives.

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