Popular praise and worship leader Martha Munizzi is empathetic about how today’s youth can be constantly bombarded with messages that are contradictory to their religious upbringing.  Many Christian youth of this generation continually have an uphill battle in trying to fit into an amoral society and by the time some are young adults, they turn away from the faith according to “When Worlds Collide,” authored by Mike and Daniel Blackaby.   Munizzi’s latest CD “Make it Loud” (“Loud”), is a push back to the hard-to-mute negative messages in entertainment and popular culture in particular.

Like many other ministers of music of her status, the Orlando-based singer has concerts that sometimes look, feel and sound like a rock fest, down to the packed venues.  On the surface, there isn’t much difference between Munizzi and her Pop female counterparts. Except she writes catchy, uplifting, positive music that overflows with references to God’s dominion and exhortations of praise to Him instead of self-absorbed, vain glorius lyrics.

For example “All the earth it is the Lord’s.  Everything is yours.  You are excellent!” is the hook from “Excellent” a popular single from “Loud.”

But for all the positive energy and Biblical truth that Contemporary Christian and Gospel Music communicates, Munizzi perceives secular artists may have greater influence than those who sing for God.

Says the Stellar-award winner, “It’s amazing what they tell me in pop culture and it seems like the voices are so strong.  It seems like those voices were louder in their songs and videos. Number one pop artists are rising to fame and standing on platforms and they are speaking their truth convincingly and it is misguiding and leading our young people into more bondage.  I was concerned about it for my kids and youth.”

As a singer says Munizzi, “For years I struggled with is it God’s will … we just labor with  what is and it’s really fear based instead of saying God,  ‘I’m not trying to bless me I’m singing it to bless your people.’

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