In the beginning, Motown’s mighty Temptations sounded like they came straight out of the church, and they did. But of all their line-up of singers, Ali “Ollie” Woodson took them back … literally.

He died on May 30th, and while offering words of comfort at Woodson’s funeral, Bishop Noel Jones declared of his friend:

“We are not burying him from a house, or from a club…we are burying him [this man of God] from the church!” And the church shouted “Amen!”

Lauded as one of the greatest singers of all time, at age 58, Woodson was laid to rest on Saturday, June 5th with a celebration of life fit for a king. He is best known for the song he wrote and recorded as lead vocal on the Temptations’ hit, “Treat Her Like A Lady.” Ron Brewington of the Motown Alumni Association, and also a member of the City of Refuge church in Los Angeles where Bishop Jones is pastor said, “On any given Sunday Ali would be up on that stage leading the choir.”

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