Are You Provoking Your Teen to Anger? In other words, nothing you say or do is getting through to them? Or, perhaps they respond only with bitterness and resentment?

I can see how some kids fall into patterns of bad behavior. I’m not saying they are right in their chosen ways of rebellion, anger, or self-destruction. But in some ways I can understand it, especially when the atmosphere at home is tense or disrespectful because of a provoking parent.

For instance, sometimes a parent has a problem with anger, or vents frustration with work, finances, or other disappointments in life on their child. Or, in an effort to control the situation and their teen, clamp down on the rules so hard that no one in the relationship can move or breath.

When a teenager is provoked to exasperation by a parent, it’s an invitation for them to become angry, and garner resentment. Teens are still too immature to handle it properly. Fact is, some never get over a mean or demeaning parent, even in later years of life. The seeming unfairness of their parent’s poor performance can wound deeply, and they can either react explosively or clam up and hide. In either case, walls go up, and the child becomes like a barred fortress.

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