During our Radio One Health Fair Tocomba Murphy from NEON (Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services).

Importance of being healthy.

Getting well and staying well involves more than just treating your illness. Good health also means caring for your whole self.

The basics for good physical health are regular exercise, a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep.

Keep active

Exercise is an effective way to fight depression. A simple way to get started is going for a 20-minute walk.

Exercise also has many other perks:

It improves your cardiovascular health, reducing your risk of heart disease. This is important because studies suggest depressed people might have a bigger risk of heart disease.

Exercise gives you added energy and improves sleep and appetite.

It can help you stay at a healthy weight.

Exercise reduces irritability and anger.

Eat well

A healthy diet can improve the way you feel on many levels.

Eating more vegetables is the best way to increase nutrients and limit fat and calories. Vegetables are also full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Try limiting the amount of caffeine and sugar you have each day. Some people with depression feel better if they cut out or limit caffeine and sugar in their diet.

Sometimes people eat to block out negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety symptoms, or loneliness. When you have a craving for sweets or want a snack to unwind from a stressful day, try taking a walk, calling a friend, or treating yourself to a movie instead.

Get enough sleep

Sleep refreshes you. It improves your attitude and gives you energy for being physically active and coping with stress. It also boosts your immune system, reducing your risk of illness.

Try going to bed at the same time every night and relaxing before you go to sleep. This creates a routine that could help you fall asleep faster and easier.

Try not to sleep too much. Too much sleep can actually give you shallow, unrestful sleep. Aim for eight hours of sleep a night, although some people need less and others need more. Source

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