*After the doomsday billboards, signs, and banners covered America with messages about the end of the world, Christians from all over the nation have decided to band together in the name of sharing the Gospel.

The Christian Post reports that churches in 500 cities will unite behind an annual national ad campaign this fall that aims to bring Americans back into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In its fifth year, “The Alpha Invitation” campaign brings churches across denominational lines to invite people to a dinner where they will be introduced to the Alpha course, a 10-week practical introduction to the Christian faith that answers questions about God’s existence, people’s purpose in life, and who Jesus is. The ad campaign will begin in mid-August and the dinner event will take place in mid-September.

“The main purpose of the Alpha Invitation is to make more disciples of Jesus Christ but it is also leading to greater church unity in hundreds of cities and communities across America,” said Gerard Long, executive director of Alpha USA, in an e-mail to The Christian Post.

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