Have you ever been in a situation when you’re talking to someone where you feel like they just understand you? It’s almost like what you were saying to them hit a chord and a connection is made, which in turn makes you feel like you can tell them anything. The strong, emotional response that occurs when you feel listened to and understood is important, as it ultimately is a validation of your ideas in the eyes of someone else.

This connection does not happen very often, as it is often impossible for two people to have the exact same viewpoints, but the spark of similarities that sometimes occurs is a force of nature that should not be underestimated. This invisible, unspoken bond is an interesting thing, as you can never be sure when you will encounter it. Some people are just meant to know each other, which leads me to wonder what is involved in these connections that just crop up unexpectedly. These people could become your soul sisters, your best friends, your confidants, or anything in between, as you never know who you will meet on a regular basis that could change your life.

I’ve had a few of these connections in my own life and these people have ended up being some of my favorite people to be around. While the moment of like-minded awareness can be hard to identify, I have usually been able to pinpoint a topic of discussion that has lead to an acknowledgment of closeness between me and the other person. Whether big or small, a spark of recognition during conversation that involves a surge of clarity and understanding is something that is irreplaceable in the scheme of human contact. One of the main advantages of having relationships with others is the possibility of finding someone whom you just connect with, who can help you gain a web of human connections that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

However, when do you know that the groundwork for this type of situation is presenting itself?

First of all, you have to keep an open mind for any social interaction that you encounter. Some of the most important connections you ever make happen when you least expect them to. Unless you put yourself out there and have the willingness to meet new people, you might miss what is right in front of you! While this might be a tall order for those of us who are shy, busy, or possibly both, putting on a smile whenever you’re out and about is a good start. If you keep your demeanor friendly and inviting, you’re bound to catch someone’s eye and have more of a chance of making important social connections. While not every person you meet is going to be compatible as a confidant or have similar interests to you, it’s always great to put your best foot forward in social situations, no matter the group.

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Another thing to consider in terms of meeting people is to put yourself in situations where you’re more likely to meet others with like-minded views. Some of these places might be a sports club, a group of some sort, or even a concert where your favorite artist is on stage. When you surround yourself with people with similar interests right off the bat, you’re more likely to meet someone whom you just immediately click with. On the other hand, diversifying yourself among groups is also an important thing to do, since as I said in #1, open-mindedness is the key to success in finding people that you can connect with on a  strong level. You might have a certain type of person you normally hang out with based on past experience, but you never know how an interaction is going to go with someone unless you’re involved in it!

In general, it is impossible to meet people unless you take social risks, as well as appear approachable yourself. It’s just as important that you give off a friendly vibe as it is for the other person. In this vein, even if a person does not outwardly seem like someone you would have a lot in common with, consider the popular phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This idea might seem obvious, but often people forget about the most pertinent rules of social interaction when they are actually participating in it themselves. Be the adventurous, bold, and strong, independent woman you are and seek out your own connections with people. Don’t wait for friends to come to you, as often, the things you treasure the most are the ones you seek out and take the initiative with! If it just so happens to occur the other way around, then the fluke of meeting someone who you feel like you’ve known forever is all the more mysterious. As I said before, connections can form at the most random of times, so it’s best to be alert and ready for when they happen to you!

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