Breakfast gets a lot of credit for being the most important meal of the day, but it’s lunch that carries kids through the home stretch, and there are some easy power-packed options for your kids’ lunch box.

First, skip kid-friendly convenience foods that can be loaded with sugar and sodium.

Registered dietitian Rebecca Stritchfield recommends filling your cart with:

-Berries to boost energy.

-Pre-packaged vegetables for vitamins and fiber.

-Lightly sweetened yogurt for good digestion.

-And small packets of nuts for energy.

Because of allergies, some classrooms have now been designated as peanut-free zones. Stritchfield said to substitute seeds for nuts for the same health benefits, even spreads made of sunflower seeds.

“That’s going to give them that same nutrition, protein, and healthy fat to make them feel nice and full and energized throughout their day,” Stritchfield said.

For sandwiches, tuna or salmon salad can be a healthier option then processed meats.

“You’re giving your kids brain power, Omega 3 essential fats and that’s really important for their brain development,” Stritchfield said.

And to satisfy a sweet tooth, graham crackers crunch like a cookie, but with less sugar to avoid an afternoon crash.

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