As a father, son, husband and Pastor, Bishop Larry D. Trotter endured some major challenges which caused him to face many harsh realities.


Through it all, Bishop Trotter learned one important lesson, “To continue to trust in God and Live Above what you currently See”.  Bishop Trotter shares his testimony in the new book “Living Above See Level”.  It is the true story of struggle, stress, success and never losing faith in God and His promises.


“One day you’re on top of the mountain and the next moment you’re living in some deserted valley”-Bishop Larry TrotterThrough all of his challenges, Bishop Trotter learned who he really is, how to be disciplined and how to “Live Above See Level”.


“Living Above See Level” is a transparent, insightful and life-changing plunge

into the journey of one man, from the early struggles of inner-city living on the Southside of Chicago, to the leadership plateau of a major, mega-gospel ministry, to career suicide and a comeback better than anyone ever imagined.


“There is no need for you to make the same mistakes that I’ve had to manage”

–Bishop Larry Trotter


In “Living Above See Level”, Larry D.Trotter answers many questions that not only overwhelmed him, but flow through the minds of many people today.  He desires to provide each reader with the tools to live above what they SEE no matter how bad or good the situation seems! The tools provided are is revealed in various chapters of the book including, Nobody’s Fault but Mine, Making it Through SEE Nothing Days, Larry vs. Bishop Trotter, Sending a Boy to Do a Man-sized Job and Trouble Don’t Last All Ways.                                

“Living Above See Level” will encourage readers to take life one day at a time with God at the forefront.


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