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There is someone reading this today who feels like they’re in a place that’s almost where God would have them.  Is this you?  You’ve done all you can do, said all you can say, cried all you can cry, prayed all you can pray, believed all you can believe, recited all of the scripture that you know and have started over again.  You’ve heard people tell you just hang in there, tomorrow is another day, trouble don’t last always, He’ll never put more on you than you can bear and here’s the kicker, you’ve got to dig deep.  I have a word for you today– “you’ve got to dig deep”.  If you know that where you are is not where God intends for you to be, then you must keep digging.  If you’ve “almost” reached your goal, you’re “close” to getting back on top, you’re “close” to getting your life together, you’re “close” to the next level, and you’re still looking for a miracle, then keep digging.

There are two scriptural references on why you must keep digging.  Genesis chapter 26 repeats incident after incident that parallels the life of Abraham.  These vignettes remind us that Abraham’s struggles were also Isaac’s struggles and that Abraham’s God has now become Isaac’s God.  Here we see Isaac digging past his flesh.  He sees a famine in the land, but he hears God telling him to stay in this barren land.  He’s living in not enough, but he has a vision of more than enough.  Isaac had to dig past his flesh in order not to do what was usual and customary and that was to go back to Egypt.  Isaac had to dig past his flesh in order not to do what was popular.  Isaac had to dig past his flesh in order not to take the easy way out.

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