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As he approaches the bench, the judge begins to let him know how he has seen him enter the courtroom every day, sit on the back row and say nothing.  The old man begins to respond to the judge stating that the defendant may be guilty on all counts and that he may have committed the crimes he was accused of, but “your honor, that is my son and I am asking that he receive a second chance.”

This is how the father treats us.  He is loving, kind and most off all shows us mercy just as the verdict is about to be rendered on our lives.  Not only does the father ask that we receive mercy, but He takes it a step further and takes our place for the filthy sins that we commit against each other and most of all against him.  “O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth forever.” Psalm 136:2

It is difficult for any natural father to live up to the standards set by God our father, but He is our supreme example of the role model for all human dads. Despite our shortcomings, despite our failures, despite our faults, His love and compassion does not fail.

Fathers must develop a love, faith and trust in their children that will not fail despite the situation or circumstances that life brings our way. Abraham is known as the father of faith and just as he trusted God, he received the promise.  The blessings would now be to his children and his children’s children even as many as the Lord God shall call.  It takes BIG faith to trust God at 75 years old when He says that your 90 year old wife  Sarai will bear a child.  What Abraham did not know was that because he trusted God, this was the beginning of blessings generations to come.

In His trusting God, Abraham still obeyed.  He obeyed God when asked to sacrifice His son, the son that God promised would be a deliverer to the world.  And even in his trusting God at the last moment, God sent a sacrifice. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to TRUST in God. Abraham could have chosen to ignore God but because of his great FAITH he believed God and carried out the instructions, he was given. There is truly a blessing in obedience.

Scripture of the Day: “I will be his father, and he shall be My son; and I will not take My mercy and steadfast love away from him.” – 1 Chronicles 17:13

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