Within the last few years, International superstar Patti LaBelle has added to her long list of achievements and entrepreneurial endeavors by launching the “Patti LaBelle – Good Life” brand and introducing a product line that includes premium pepper products, her third cookbook and an instructional cooking DVD.
The first food products to be released under the “Patti LaBelle – Good Life” brand were custom blended hot sauces and relishes that represent the spicy yet wholesome flair that LaBelle is known for. The line includes: LaBelle No. 1 — Diced Fine Jalapenos; LaBelle No. 2 — Sweet Hot Jalapeno Relish; LaBelle No. 3 — Rich Red Blended Cayenne & Habanero Pepper Sauce; LaBelle No. 4 — Hot Flash Blended Habanero & Jalapeno Sauce; and LaBelle No. 5 — Pepper Clear Mild Pepper Sauce.

The product line is available throughout major retail food outlets nationwide. Following the launch of the pepper product line, LaBelle released her third cookbook and first-ever instructional cooking DVD, both under the “Patti LaBelle – Good Life” brand. People have witnessed LaBelle’s culinary skills on such talk shows as Oprah and The Martha Stewart Show, but the DVD will showcase her first comprehensive on-camera cooking exhibition. Her prior cookbooks topped the best-seller charts and firmly established her as a respected figure in the culinary community. The forthcoming cookbook contains recipes and anecdotes that reflect LaBelle’s philosophy that good cooking and entertaining comes from the heart. Other kitchen items and food products are also in development. “My new brand and line of products is my way of sharing my love of cooking, my family recipes and my vision of how to live ‘the good life’ with the world,” LaBelle stated. “I’m so excited because I’ve wanted to develop my own line of products for many years. I enjoy adding a little bit of spice to kitchens everywhere!”
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