Singer Rihanna and media mogul Oprah Winfrey have topped Forbes‘ list of Hollywood’s highest-paid women for 2012. Out of a short list of only ten high-powered ladies in entertainment, Oprah landed at the number one position with her take of $165 million for the period ranging from May 2011- 2012. Britney spears came in at a distant second by earning $58 million.

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Rihanna was not far behind Britney with $53 million in earnings, monies culled from the Bajan star’s mix of album sales, endorsement deals, and touring revenues. Yet, it was close in the upper echelons of this ranking, with Britney Spears being followed closely by Taylor Swift, who landed at number three with her $57 million dollar income. Ellen Degeneres tied with Rihanna, earning $53 million as well through her television deals.

Winfrey saw much of her $165 million come from her syndicated network show, which was still broadcasting during part of the sample period. Now that The Oprah Winfrey Show is off the air, it is possible that Oprah will not be number one on Forbes‘ analysis of  highest-paid women in Hollywood next year. OWN, her cable network play, has been struggling. It will be some time before it further enriches Winfrey — who Forbes estimates is worth $2.7 billion — as she draws no income for running the new enterprise.

“But don’t cry for Winfrey — even though she’ll earn less than $165 million next year, she’ll still pull in enough to keep her on the list, even if she’s not at the top,” Forbes staffer Dorothy Pomerantz writesabout the billionaire. Oprah still has income coming in from her O magazine, satellite radio station, and HARPO production company, which is responsible for popular shows such as Dr. Phil. She’ll be alright.

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