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The number of women entering the workforce has been steadily increasing over the past decade, but with the continued rise, many Christian women are questioning how they can be successful in the workplace while not compromising their faith or family.

This debate has long gone on, pitting the goals many women have for a career against balancing both their faith and their family. One professional Christian woman gave her own personal account of raising her children and overseeing two fortune 500 companies.

Diane Paddison, author of “Work Love Pray: Practical Wisdom for Young Christian Women,” offers her own personal stories to make the case that the only thing needed for women to have a thriving career while raising a family is their faith.

This may seem like an isolated occurrence, but the number of women in the work force is not slowing- in fact it’s increasing at rates never seen before. 2009 was the first year that women outnumbered men in the workplace, and now currently women are the primary breadwinners for 40 percent of households. Of the total amount of women in the workplace, 70 percent are Christian.

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