After three seasons of watching Keyshia Cole manage her career and family on BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, the singer has since given birth to son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., and married Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Daniel Gibson. Tuesday night marked the premier of her latest reality show, Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, which gives insight into their life as parents and newlyweds. Prior to the premier, Cole and Gibson gave an interview with to discuss parenthood and how they’re making their marriage thrive.

Due to their careers, Cole and Gibson spend a lot of time on the road away from each other. However, they say they are inseparable no matter where they are located.  Talking on the phone allows them to continuously learn about each other. Even though they’ve been to counseling for some issues, neither of them has forgotten why they chose each other. Cole sites Gibson’s respect for his parents and strong belief in God as some of the things she loves about him. Not to mention, how he treats their son.

Their advice to young couples preparing for marriage is to understand that not everything will be perfect and that it takes an equal amount of effort from both people. Gibson says it’s about figuring things out, growing together and accepting the other person’s flaws.

“You never know people’s intentions or their motives. So when you find somebody that you really know truly loves you, and you truly love, I think it’s really worth going through the battle of learning each other and what to do and not to do, and trying to love that person unconditionally, regardless of anything,” says Cole. “It’s really worth it. It is. It really is.”

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