Get ready for a trip back to the Goodwill Church of God In Christ as the Rance Allen Group strolls down memory lane recalling their illustrious career.

Gospel greats such as Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark Cole and Keith “Wonder boy” Gibson  are among those who share sentimental accounts of how they have been influenced by Rance Allen over the years

The Rance Allen group hails from Monroe, Michigan and brothers Tom & Steve will be the first to admit that their modern spin on the gospel was not always welcomed by older saints.

Their music did prove to be very engaging for young believers, who now had a more relative spiritual and musical experience.  The end result is that The Rance Allen group is credited as being among the forefathers of contemporary gospel music.

Still, Rance Allen was immediately embraced by gospel legends like the late Rev. James Cleveland, and renown C. O. G. I. C. music director Mattie Moss Clark who requested Rance for her choir’s rendition of “Trust In Him.” Mattie not only brought innovations to gospel choral music, she knew talent when she heard it.

She was right about her own daughters The Clark Sisters, and she was right about the great gift embodied by Rance Allen.

A recording career was inevitable and the Rance Allen Group has been signed by many labels including Stax, Capitol, The Gospel Truth, Bellmark and Fantasy Records.

The group toured and enjoyed marginal hits, as well as award nominations along the way, but the call of ministry lay heavily upon Rance Allen.

He took a music hiatus and immersed in the mentor-ship of the late G. E. Patterson.  As is revealed in the documentary, Rance wanted a bonafide ministry and not just a church with a famous singer as pastor.

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