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Just had a baby? Feeling sad or depressed? Don’t worry…you are not alone. One in 8 women is affected by postpartum depression (PPD) within the first months after childbirth. Why is it so important for every black mother to know the signs?  Because depression is still a taboo topic in our community, and knowing the signs is the best thing you can do for both you and your baby.

Depression In Black Women

Even more striking, depression among black women is more common than you think. African-American women live with a triple jeopardy status that places us at a greater risk for depression. We live in a majority-dominated society that frequently devalues our ethnicity, culture and gender.

Formal statistics on depression in African American women are either uncertain or non-existent because the research is scarce. Many women are unwilling to participate in research studies because they are afraid the information will be misinterpreted and will be used against them. The few studies that have been done show African American women report having more depressive symptoms than African American men and twice the rate of European Caucasian women.

If you’ve never heard of postpartum depression or would like to know more about what it is , it is a serious illness that can not only happen with women who have just given birth but it can also affect mothers who have had a miscarriage or still birth.

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