The discussion over what to do about guns was a topic of heated debate here in Cleveland tonight.

Community activist and WJMO radio host, Art McKoy brought that debate to his show, the University of Common Sense, Sunday.

“We said that if you spread these guns around pretty soon they’re going to go to the suburbs, kids, that’s what’s happening what the NRA has done sir,” said McKoy.

His guests, were local NRA members Captain Luther Norman and Donna Brown.  Norman has been training people the proper way to use guns for decades.  He fired back.  “The NRA is not responsible for causing any shootings,” Norman.

Representatives from the NRA argued, their organization teaches people how to use guns the right way.  Norman added that an armed, responsible citizen inside of that school could’ve made the difference.

“You can run, hide get in a hole but it won’t stop you from a determined individual,” he followed up by saying “what could’ve saved those lives… [was] another individual with the ability to defend them.”

Afterwards a group of people gathered outside of the studio for prayer and reflection.  Dozens of balloons were released into the air in memory of those who were lost at Sandy Hook.

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