Karen Clark-Sheard  is renowned as a vocalist and member of the famed The Clark Sisters, but at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, she’s a pastor’s wife first and foremost. In our exclusive interview with the Sheard family, Karen talked about her role as a first lady and revealed exciting plans about her next album.

About being a Pastor’s Wife

Karen: We all play different roles at the church. I am the first lady. A lot of people think that because I oversee the praise team that I mostly sing at my church.  I want to make it very, very known that I am not the leader of the praise team, I just oversee it. I barely sing at my church. One of the things that I despise is when people think that because I sing that is what makes [my husband’s] church. Our church is totally built on the Word of God.

I sing periodically but not very much because I’m totally involved in woman’s ministry at the church and in the youth ministry and in different organizations like the feeding program. I want people to know more of that about me, rather than thinking that I’m at the church singing all the time. (laughs) The foundation of the church is the Word of God.

Bishop Sheard: A lot of times people come in town and they say, “Oh, I’m going to Greater Emmanuel.” But they will be disappointed if they come expecting that Karen or Kierra or Dorinda will be singing. The church itself was built on preaching; it’s a preacher’s church. We do have gifted singers but it’s all about the Word of God.

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