For nearly two decades, we’ve welcomed his smile and charm into our mornings. We’ve also watched him embark upon the journey of living a healthier lifestyle.

Now, Al Roker is becoming even more transparent about his struggle with weight-loss in his new book “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle for Good.”

The NBC Today show host invites readers to an open and honest look into the challenges he’s faced while being overweight such as having a poor self-image, dealing with childhood teasing and the effects his weight issues had on his relationships with friends and family.

After breaking weight-loss resolutions year after year, Roker says he became committed to changing his lifestyle once he promised his father he would lose the weight for good. In 2002, he decided to have gastric bypass surgery amidst controversy. However, he knew the surgery was only the start of a permanent lifestyle change that would ultimately call for a daily fight against fear and self-doubt.

In the book, Roker also shares about how he used food as a comforter and provides insight into some of the fitness methods and recipes that helped him become healthier and more confident.

Whether you, a family member or a friend is already discouraged about reaching their goal weight this year, ‘Never Goin’ Back’ may be the perfect remedy to get back on track.

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